Erik Haack

Regional Vice President, Partner

Prior to joining the Rocky Mountain Men's Clinic team, Erik most recently served as Executive Director of Commercial Operations at Elanco, where he was responsible for a substantial organization on a global scale. With over three decades of experience in Sales, Marketing, R&D, External Manufacturing, and Operations from his work at pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Novartis, Erik is an excellent fit to aid in Rocky Mountain Men's Clinic’s future growth. Along with his 30-plus years of experience, Erik has led several successful multi-billion dollar business integrations, including financial systems, business protocols, logistics and data migrations, which makes him an excellent partner to help grow the Rocky Mountain Men's Clinic.

Erik is excited to support the Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic in expanding men’s health locations along the front range and beyond. This will enable more men to receive effective treatments from teams of medical professionals who are expertly trained to provide exceptional care with dignity and discretion. He believes that all men need a readily available medical provider they can easily access who can openly discuss their sexual and restorative health issues with professionalism and once appropriately diagnosed, provide proven treatments to address their concerns. 

Erik is inspired by Rocky Mountain Men's Clinic’s passion for delivering serious medicine coupled with an excellent patient experience as that is truly what brings success to any organization in the medical profession.

Erik earned a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University with a business emphasis. He has continued his education throughout his career with business and financial programs at Harvard Business School and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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