Courtney Williams is a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner, holding a Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. She has an extensive healthcare background, with 13 years as a Cardiac ICU Nurse. Later, she transitioned into her role as an FNP, specializing in Men’s and Women’s Health as well as Hormone Optimization. Courtney’s mission today centers around empowering men to become their best selves (and to feel healthy and vibrant) one symptom and Testosterone shot at a time.

Courtney is committed to fostering a collaborative environment at her clinic, where the shared goal is to support men on their journey towards renewed happiness, health, and strength. Her expertise lies in optimizing healthcare, and she takes pride in being a part of the transformative impact that Testosterone has on so many suffering men. Courtney has been the perfect addition to the team, as her commitment to excellence inspires the entire practice, where top-notch providers work together to deliver exceptional care.

In her free time in Northern Colorado, Courtney tends to her flock of 40 chickens and embraces the outdoors. Summers find her fishing and paddleboarding on the lake, while evenings are reserved for sunsets with her husband from the comfort of their back porch.

Maxwell Williams is a talented Physician Assistant with a Master’s of Physician Assistant Studies from University of Mount Union. He worked in pain management for some time, but was interested in a more non-traditional medical field. He sought out men’s health and it turned out to be the change he needed. At Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic, he’s able to take on a leadership role in a cutting-edge specialty that utilizes the newest and safest advancements in the field.

Maxwell had some light training in the Men’s Sexual Health space during his medical program, but it was disappointingly surface level. So he decided to dive deeper into this untapped area and learn everything he possibly could. Maxwell refuses to let this subject remain taboo, and wants to normalize men’s health struggles. He believes this will open more doors for men who are suffering to receive the treatments that they need. Maxwell thrives on helping improve these patients’ quality of life, and their relationships. He places great value on providing exceptional care, and going above-and-beyond for his patients.

Maxwell is an active outdoorsman who enjoys Crossfit, Disc Golf, bouldering, hiking, and building gaming PCs.

Arben Vuthi is a driven Physician Assistant with a Masters of Science from the University of Nebraska. His journey to this practice was shaped by military training and deployments to war zones. Arben holds a unique perspective as both a medical provider and a patient, and it drives his commitment to delivering exceptional care. Joining the team at RMMC was a natural step; he was ready to move into a slower pace type of work, at a company that he already knew and trusted.

Arben is invigorated by advances in the men’s sexual health industry, and he is interested in learning and introducing cutting-edge treatments to the men of Colorado and nationwide. He’s also passionate about connecting with his patients and providing them with professional and compassionate care. Ensuring patients’ comfort and safety is a priority, and he approaches each person with genuine concern for their wellbeing.

Outside of work, Arben enjoys learning and growing in his personal life. He likes to dive into foreign language studies and working on cars.

Michael Berke is an accomplished Physician Assistant with a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In his 10-year medical career, Michael has focused on cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. But this was exhaustive work, and Michael felt he needed to find a new direction with a better work/life balance. He found Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic and it was a perfect fit. Michael was able to continue working in life-changing healthcare, but without the intense pressure that often accompanies the surgical field.

Michael found that this change allowed him to show up every day as the best medical provider he could be. Fully settled and thriving in his new role at the clinic, his passions now include destigmatizing the issues surrounding men’s health and helping to build a reputation for providing the highest-quality care, with cutting-edge treatments. Michael is excited to be able to provide services that can not only help men gain more confidence, but can also restore happiness and enjoyment in their relationships.

Beyond his professional achievements, Michael is an avid cyclist, both mountain and road. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time with his wife, two young children, and two golden retrievers.

Kelly Kurzejewski is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner holding a Master of Science in Nursing degree from University of California, Los Angeles. Her professional history is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her patients. For more than a decade, Kelly honed her skills in diverse settings, including medical, surgical, and cardiovascular units. As a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Kelly worked in a variety of areas including Critical Care and Neurosurgery. However, she spent the majority of her clinical hours with an Advanced Practitioner - learning the ins and outs of hormone imbalances in both men and women. During this time, she developed a passion for helping individuals suffering from hormonal irregularities - leading her to Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic.

Within the Men's Sexual Health industry, Kelly is deeply passionate about educating men on the significance of hormone replacement therapy and revitalizing their sexual health. Her dedication stems from a genuine desire to enhance the lives of her patients and foster healthier relationships. Kelly believes the Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic provides men with a comfortable and supportive environment to discuss and achieve their health goals.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Kelly is an avid outdoor enthusiast. You can often find her tackling the Manitou Incline, embarking on backpacking adventures, hitting the slopes, and exploring the great outdoors on her bicycle. Kelly also values quality time with her husband, Bob, and enjoys immersing herself in historical fiction. She cherishes moments spent with her nieces and nephew, rounding out her life with love and adventure.

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